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Worldwide retailers say that Shopify is best ecommerce platform for international businesses

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If you are interested in starting an ecommerce, then something that you are probably already looking into is which is the perfect platform for your business, and that can be quite a challenge since there is so many excellent choices out there. Something that can really help your business is if you decide to expand it to multiple different countries, and if that is a course that you are interested in taking, then there is a certain type of platform that you will have to use, and that makes this the perfect article for you. Today we are going to talk about Shopify and why it is the best ecommerce platform for any business that wants to sell internationally, so make sure you keep on reading in order to find out more information about how this platform can help you do that.

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You will be able to accept payments in the local currency

When you are selling internationally one of the biggest issues that may come about is the payments, but luckily Shopify has a great way of helping you with that. Having the currencies match the country that you are selling you is a huge bonus because if you, for example, chose to sell in Australia with the US currency. Read more on how to meet your audience wherever they live with Shopify.


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then when the money goes through the conversion you will end up getting less money than you would when selling with the local currency. Shopify will give you the option of a ton of different currencies and that will make it easier for you, and it will also guarantee you more sales in that are because most people are hesitant when it comes to paying online in a currency that is not their own.


You will be able to use local shipping companies

As the best ecommerce platform out there, Shopify has a lot of tools that will help you with a lot of the everyday tasks, and one of those tasks is shipping. When you are selling internationally, then this is a great platform to use because it will give you everything you need to find local shipping companies.

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payment gateways

When you are shipping using local companies that means that you will be able to offer your products at a lower shipping price, which will definitely increase your chances of selling more. Shopify will make sure to give you the best options of local shipping companies that you can work with, so that is definitely something that will really help your international business.


You will get a lot of payment gateways

Apart from you begin able to accept payments in a lot of different currencies, something else that you will get is a ton of different payment gateways. In fact, when using Shopify, you will be able to use over a 100 different payment gateways, including debit and even bank transfer, which is perfect because you will be able to offer your customers different ways in which they can pay you. Of course, there is also Shopify Payments which will also allow you to completely get rid of the Shopify transaction fees.

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As you can see from the article above, there are a lot of ways in which this platform can help you when it comes to selling internationally, and that is only one of the reasons as to why we think that Shopify is the best ecommerce platform out there. There are a ton of other tools that you will get when using this platform, even if you don’t have an international business, so we definitely hope that this article will encourage you to take a look at Shopify and take advantage of their 14 day free trial.