The 3 Must-Have Payment Gateways for an International E-Commerce Platform  

Are you an entrepreneur targeting the global market? With the harnessing competition in the online arena, casting your nets wide to reach more customers in untouched geographical location is unavoidable. Having a wider customer database gives you an upper hand on this competition.  However, your customer must have an opportunity to order and pay for your products.

For this to happen, your e-commerce platform of choice must provide an array of payment gateways. It can be a bad idea when a customer finds a suitable product on your site. When they head on to the checkout option, they find that no payment gateway available in their country. The next thing they will do is abandoning the cart. Hence, if you have insufficient payment gateways, cart abandonment rate will be your portion. Here are 3 payment gateways you need in an e-commerce platform targeting international audience:


PayPal is the leading international payment gateway. This gateway has been in existence for almost 20 years. Due to this, it has a strong online reputation. Currently, it has over 184 million users using it for personal and business transactions. PayPal offers API which is easy to integrate with any e-commerce platform.

Also, it has an app that you can install in your mobile device. The option is suitable for both small and large business. When it comes to security, PayPal is PCI compliant. Also, it strictly follows international encryption standards. Hence, with it as one of your payment gateways assure you of your business and customer data security.

Amazon Payment

If you are not new to the e-commerce world, you are aware of Amazon. Amazon wins the title as the reputable and leading online marketplace. The company introduced a payment gateway known as Amazon Payment to ease transactions on the platform. Recognizing that multichannel e-commerce is the new tactic of winning in the online arena, having Amazon Payment in your e-commerce platform is not a bad idea. This gateway favors international selling through offering multilingual and multicurrency features. Hence, you can receive payment from customers from various countries without requiring them to convert their currencies to USD.


Are you a small business operator looking for a flexible payment gateway? If so, Authorize.Net is a good option. This gateway enjoys a substantial trust from small business for being a reliable and secure platform for transaction processing. The option is affordable. Apart from this, you get a free mobile POS and fraud protection tools when you subscribe to it. Hence, it would help if you had this gateway on your international e-commerce platform.


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